WitDemDicks! Lyrics


Fucking bitches with my Go Pro
Pida la Vida I won't go broke
All of these bitches they want hard core
Pussy you talking but won't fade I know
I need the coke I can't cope, hope
Dive in that pussy and I slow stroke
Triple the x
I might triple the cup
I might double it up
I might no scope
I might bedazzle my pistol, aye
X you a goon what's your issue? Aye
Diamonds electric like Raichu, aye
If you need lean I might pint you, aye
Hollow tips all in my rifle, aye
Make your head lean like the Eiffel, aye
Said my dick look like the Eiffel, aye
You say I'm white I might fight you

Double up, aye (x5)
I just got 2 pitchers need a double cup, aye
I just got 2 bitches need to double up, aye
Double up, aye (x4)
I just brought them bitches need a double cup, aye
I just brought 2 bitches need a double cup


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