In This Bitch (Free Keke, Free 2 Woop Freestyle) Lyrics

In This Bitch (Free Keke, Free 2 Woop Freestyle)

Kodak bop on my cock Kodak bop

Walked in this bitch
Dro rolled in this bitch
Sniff coke in this bitch
Clique talk in this bitch
All black in this bitch
Like a goth in this bitch
Slit wrist in this bitch
Grip dick in this bitch

Hopped out I'm grinding my grills they all shining
Your bitch hit my line 'cause my dick perfect size
And your dick shaped like fries lil' boy don't be surprised
When I pull out that Glock and it's hot like a furnace
Post on your block sippin' tea like I'm Kermit
Bullet holes all in your chest I should burn it
Diamonds are wet see the tats on my chest
In a Young Thugger dress all my niggas are VR


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