Dutty (Freestyle) Lyrics

Dutty (Freestyle)

Jah, Jah, Jah, ha-ha
See me, Hip-Hop's a jungle
I'm deep, see

It's the revenge of the bitch
She catch attention and intervention and shit
She got your penchant tattooed to the brim
That bitch looser than the screws in my new gun and shit
She'll take your mula, pop medulla, get to suckin' and shit
Wifin' the bitch, mistakes push brigade out of they mama
Doing her braids, living with mama for the rest of the days
Ain't seen the space, shit, a young Dracula
Fucking all the homies, bet her pussy feel spectacular
She gon' stunt in these shades and buy a thousand dollar lipstick
Ever had a motherfuckin' thousand dollar dick kiss?
Well I did, hi kids that she swallowed, head hollow, no brain, go insane
But she gon' stunt, In this letterman, in my letterman, in my letterman

See, haha
Hip-Hop's a jungle, nah

You see my raps became subordinate
Posting portraits of flow and gin
More the note of the porridge
Than more annoyed than an ordin
More annoyed than an orphan
Probably has after morphine
And snorting some black detergent, merging for common purpose
They notice that I was soaking in lotion
Running the motion, devotion was not a notion
Hoping that Lexis open for fucking
F*ck it I'm ducking, and jumping off to New Zealand
I'm wheeling, dealing, cartwheeling
Pop pillin I'm feeling like villain

F*ck your feelings, young nigga
Ah, ah, aye, Jah, Jah, Jah
.40 close to your head
All you niggas dead, uh
Haha, we don't play that shit
Basically, you a basic G, basic bitch, haha
Ha-ha, yeah
Shit dutty, dutty
No doubt, yeah
It's so dutty, dutty
Uh-huh, yeah
This nigga's peaked, uh, haha
Rest in peace to your mama, with the drumma, ha
I tote the llama, ha, Jah, Jah, yuh


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