Read the Kaash Tu Mila Hota Song Lyrics that are performed by Jubin Nautiyal for Code Blue Hindi movie, with their English translation. Aleena Khan, Sushmita Mukherjee, Rishi Bhutani & Alok Nath are the stars who acted in the KAL JO TUJHSE MILA NA HOTA music video. Learn the meaning of KAL JO TUJHSE MILA NA HOTA‘s Hindi lyrics in the English language. The author Arafat Mahmood wrote-down the song-lines ‘KAASH TU MILA HOTA‘ and Dr. Aleena Khan is the video-director who supervised the music video.

kaash tu mila hota lyrics english translation jubin code blue
Song Name:Kaash Tu Mila Hota
Movie:Code Blue (2019)
Singer(s):Jubin Nautiyal 
Lyrics Writer(s):Arafat Mahmood 
Music Director(s):Shabab Azmi 
Director:Dr. Aleena Khan
Actor(s):Alok Nath, Sushmita Mukherjee, Rishi Bhutani, Aleena Khan


Kal Jo Na Tujhse Mila Main Hota
Aaj Na Bichhadne Ki Baat Ye Hoti
If I hadn’t met you yesterday, there wouldn’t have been a possibility of us separating today.
Na Toh Tujhe Khone Ka Khauf Hi Hota
Na Hi Tujhe Paane Ki Aash Hi Hoti
There would have been no fear of losing you. I wouldn’t have hoped to have you either.

Kaash Pehle Tu Mila Hota Thoda Sa Bura Hoke
I wish I’d met you earlier, so you could be a negative person.
Ja Humse Juda Hoke Jee Le Tu Bewafa Hoke
Off you go away from me. Live to be an unfaithful lover.
Ja Humse Juda Hoke Jee Le Tu Bewafa Hoke
Go away leaving me alone. Live to be an unfaithful lover.

Kabhi Maine Chaha Tujhe Khud Se Zyada
There were times when I loved you more than I loved myself.
Mere Baad Iski Gawah Tum Hi Ho
And you are the only one who witnessed it after me.
Juda Hoke Tujhse Mila Na Main Khud Se
I couldn’t even meet myself after separating from you.
Mujhe Dhundne Ka Pata Tum Hi Ho
You’re the key to find me.

Main Toh Kar Loon Sabar Maane Dil Na Magar
I can be patient, but my heart doesn’t do that.
Kash Pehle Tu Mila Hota Jaoge Khafa Hoke
I wish I knew that you were going to get upset and leave me.
Ja Humse Juda Hoke Jee Le Tu Bewafa Hoke
Separate yourself from me, and live life as an unfaithful lover.

Tumhe Poochhti Hain Mere Paas Aake
Meri Saari Raahein Mujhe Tanha Paake
Finding me alone, my destiny comes to me and asks questions about you.
Bas Ik Baar Aaja, Inhein Sach Bata Ja
Main Thak Sa Gaya Hoon Inhein Sab Bataake
Please, come and tell them the truth. I am tired of telling them the truth.

Roke Ho Na Yakeen Saath Ab Hum Nahin
Kaash Pehle Na Mila Hota Mujhe Tu Mera Hoke
I cried for it, too. But I still don’t believe we’re no longer together. I wish you never met me and fell in love with me.
Ja Humse Juda Hoke Jee Le Tu Bewafa Hoke
Separate yourself from me and live your life as an unfaithful lover.

Kaash Tu Mila Hota Music Video

Let’s watch the Kaash Tu Mila Hota Hindi music video from the Code Blue film.

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